Piers Morgan Has Vowed He Will Get Vaccine Live On Air In Row With Anti Vaxxers

Can’t really argue with that.

With the news on Monday that Pfizer had developed a Coronavirus vaccine that was 90% effective, many of us might have thought that the Coronavirus crisis would be over soon, but I’m not sure that this is actually going to be the case even slightly.

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Not only is it going to be a long time until the vaccine is effectively rolled out, but there are also going to be a whole bunch of anti vaxxers out there that are going to be sceptical of it and refuse to take it. Maybe they’re right to do so – the typical testing period for a vaccine before it’s made available to the public is seven years after all – but Piers Morgan at least isn’t happy with this stance, offering to take any vaccine live on air to prove that there are no side effects once he has the opportunity to do so.

Morgan made the claim via his Twitter account and predictably there was a mixed reaction to his statement:

Yeah, judging from that reaction I don’t think that anyone is coming to a consensus on this one any time soon, whether you’re of the school of thought that you don’t want to take the vaccine because you’re not sure if it’s safe or are convinced that it’s a form of control imposed on you by the government. I can kind of sympathise with the first viewpoint as there are a lot of cases of vaccines not working as they haven’t been tested properly and severely damaging the people who take them, but obviously I think the government control angle is stupid.

Even with the first viewpoint though, I feel like in the current climate it might be a better idea to take something that’s 90% effective and hopefully 100% safe so that everyone can go back to their normal lives sooner rather than later. Take one for the team you know?

It clearly seems that not everyone feels that way though, so it’ll be interesting to see what happens in the future regarding this vaccine. I imagine there will probably be a whole bunch of protests and violence over it because why wouldn’t there be at this juncture hey? We live in interesting times.

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