Scottish Dude Gets The Shit Kicked Out Of Him Over A Slice Of Pizza

Marc Sinclair Pizza Attack

Pizza problems.

Pizza should bring people together, not rip them apart. However, if some complete stranger came up to you in the middle of the street and asked for a slice of your fresh takeaway pizza, would you oblige? Fuck no. Unfortunately for 29 year old Marc Sinclair, who was walking home in Stenhousemuir, Scotland, his spicy chicken pizza takeaway was the catalyst for a brutal assault that left him with severe nerve damage in one eye and torn ligaments in his knee. The attacker asked for a slice of pizza, and when Marc turned him down, he was knocked to the floor and kicked repeatedly in the face. This is what Marc remembers:

He said, ‘Gimme a bit of your pizza’, then started laying into me. As far as I’m aware it was only one guy but I got a bit groggy, so there could have been someone else.

Police are looking for someone who’s 5’10 with receding blonde hair. If you’re in the area and that description sounds familiar, get in touch with the police. Not only did Marc’s attacker disrespect Marc, he completely disrespected the sanctity of pizza too. And we’ve all seen what can happen to people who disrespect pizza.


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