This ‘Scientifically Accurate’ Pinky & The Brain Cartoon Will Ruin Your Childhood

Pinky & The Brain

It turns out that being a genetically modified lab mouse was nowhere near as fun as it looked back then.

Pinky and The Brain were probably the two most popular characters on Animaniacs – mainly because they were on it like every week – so it’s kind of surprising that someone has waited so long to mess with our memories of them.

In case you forgot/missed it then Pinky and The Brain were two genetically modified lab mice that plotted to take over the world every night after the scientists working on them had gone home for the evening. They didn’t usually get that far because Pinky would inadvertently foil The Brain’s excellent plans.

In this ‘scientifically accurate’ version of the show though, it’s a little different. Basically, being a lab rat looks absolutely no fun at all and everything about this short cartoon is terrifying, gross and just plain awful to be honest.

Although it’s ruining a childhood favourite, props to whoever made this because it successfully illustrates the horrors of animal testing in a completely new way, and will probably help raise awareness of the problems with it and ultimately getting it to hopefully stop one day.  If this wasn’t enough to mess up the memories of your childhood, then check out these pictures of all your favourite cartoon characters as drug addicts or these creepy cartoon conspiracies which are both sure to leave you scarred.

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