BBC’s One Show Viewers Baffled As Sam Smith Says They Want To Be A ‘Fisher-Them’


After baffling everyone with their BRIT Awards outfit on the weekend, Sam Smith has now caused further confusion by announcing their dream of becoming a ‘fisher-them’.

You can probably work out the non-binary star’s thinking behind this one, but it’s still pretty jarring to hear:

It doesn’t actually sound like Sam Smith knows much about fishing at all based on that answer; I think they just wanted to say ‘fisher-them’ because he thought it would be hilarious? What’s he going to come out with next? Police-them, business-them, weather-them, snow-them? How about renaming Manchester ‘Themchester’? Ha! Too funny.

Well anyway, I guess Sam Smith’s lame jokes aren’t hurting anyone but it’s just a bit cringey and annoying, and egotistical to be fair. Wasn’t he more cool and interesting when he kept his mouth shut and just made music?

For the time Sam Smith shared ’emotional’ photos from his £12m home during lockdown, click HERE. Another misfire.


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