People Are Worried That Manchester Might Be Renamed ‘Personchester’

Person Chester

2018 gone mad.

2018 was undoubtedly the year of woke, but there’s obviously some debate over just where to draw the line over what might offend some people. Whilst I acknowledge that there are some genuinely offensive names and terms out there, I think that there are probably at least an equal amount that have been targeted unfairly just because they have a certain run of letters in their name.

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One of these is undoubtedly Manchester which apparently people are worried is going to be renamed Personchester because of the gender connotations associated with its name. This all started when Piers Morgan (of course) tweeted out the news that the Scottish Parliament had voted to ban the use of the term ‘gingerbread man’ and replace it with ‘gingerbread person’ in order to try and discourage everyday casual sexism. People then started putting two and two together and worrying that Manchester was going to end up being renamed Personchester in this new gender fluid society.

Whilst the gingerbread man one is is a bit silly, you can perhaps appreciate the fact that it might try and draw attention to the problem and will at least mean that future generations are growing up a bit more ‘woke’ – for lack of a better word. However, the tweet about renaming Manchester to Personchester is probably even stupider and made even dumber by the fact that Piers Morgan himself tweeted about it a couple of years ago and got completely rinsed about it:

So stupid. The thing about Manchester is that it’s already gender neutral because it’s got nothing to do with gender in its name – the similarities are coincidental – so changing its name to Personchester isn’t going to achieve anything except for making everyone involved think that you’re very stupid. Just leave it alone, yeah?

In case you’re actually worried about this, there’s not actually anything going on to make this even slightly into a reality. We should be all right with this one.

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