Russia’s Idea Of A Waterpark

JCB Digger

‘Going to the water park’ in Russia actually means you take an old JCB down to the creek and some people get in the digger whilst the other one spins them round and dunks them. It looks pretty fun.

A lot of people say we hate Russians here on Sick Chirpse but the truth is we can’t get enough of them. Sure, we find everything they do completely weird and bizarre but that’s why we love them so much and write about them. Some of the stuff they get up to looks great and this firmly fits into this category, even though it looks a little crazy/dangerous.

Basically I’m a big fan of water parks – once I was even thinking of going on a tour of the best water parks of Europe but it didn’t work out for whatever reason. The ones in this country are OK but nowhere near as good as the ones in America/Europe but it seems I don’t even need to leave the country to have an awesome water park experience because I could just do what these Russian kids are doing instead.

Ok, maybe this isn’t exactly an awesome water park experience but it does look kinda fun. Basically some Russian kids stole a crane (I’m assuming they don’t own it because I mean who owns a crane?) and headed down to a nearby creek with it. Once there three of them got in the claw/digger/whatever you call it and someone else controlled it, swinging them around and dunking them in the water.

It looks kinda fun but also looks like you might get that horrible feeling where the water goes up your nose too fast and makes you feel real dazed and confused and your nose feel all blocked up and gross. I hate that feeling more than anything to do with swimming. These guys look like they’re having fun but by the end they look kinda dishevelled and happy to leave the JCB, which suggests it isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

Maybe I’ll start planning that water park tour again and leave the JCB for now. Check out the video below:

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