VIDEO: Dude Launches Off The Top Floor Of A Shopping Centre Into The Bottom Floor Fountain


This dude has done what I’ve wanted to do all my life which is launch myself over the bannister from the top floor of a shopping centre. HERO.


When you stand on the top floor of a shopping centre, peering over the banister at the sight of everyone below you scurrying around like rats trapped in a cesspit of humanity (AKA The Arndale Centre), do you ever feel the sudden urge to fling yourself over the bannister thus creating a scene of absolute blood, chaos and just plain fucked up mess? Well I do, and yes, I should probably go and talk to someone about that, but it’s one of those ‘don’t push the red button’ moments when you know there’s something that you should absolutely not do which makes you want to do it even more. Well I think the dude in this video has been thinking the same kinda thoughts as me, and the urge to jump just overcame him which made him fling himself over the banister from the top floor of the shopping centre.

Now the guy didn’t kill himself, that would have been gross. We also wouldn’t be writing a post commenting on a video of some dude killing himself, that’s not what we’re into. Instead, this guy knew exactly what he was doing and had obviously taken all the necessary safety precautions before he jumped like surveying his landing area and evaluating the  potential risks. Plus the guy was jumping into water so his chance of survival was pretty much a given.

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The thing I can’t work out is how deep the water is that the guy jumps into? If the water was just your average pissy shopping centre water feature/fountain, then surely this guy would have broken his legs or something, so the water can’t be THAT shallow. Also, when I was looking on Google for a generic photo of a shopping mall (see above) I came across some photos of West Edmonton mall which is a shopping mall in Canada that has a massive water park and roller coaster going through it. What the fvck is that about? Why don’t we have shopping centres with water parks and roller coasters? We just have the toilets of Debanhams where you’ll be lucky to get abducted and bummed if you play your cards right, none of this awesome water park shit. Boring UK shopping centre builders or what. But yeah, maybe this dude’s jumping into the water at West Edmonton mall which wouldn’t make it half as scary/dangerous, check it and let us know if you recognise the mall they’re in:

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