Man With Deathwish Builds Huge Waterslide And Ends Up In A Tiny Paddling Pool

What The Stuntman Ends Up In

Crazy stuntman decides to build a huge waterslide with a ramp and risk his life by trying to end up in a diddy paddling pool. Not smart of clever. But very entertaining.

You've Gotta Be High To Do This

I don’t know how many of you have seen this, I think it went viral a while back but I’ve only just found it; and Jesus Christ. This guy is either clinically depressed and values his life as much as North Korea value logical democratic relations with the western world, or he’s just insane. Like literally mental asylum warranting insane.

I found this video on YouTube whilst procrastinating for uni exams, and was so shocked I almost chocked on my pro plus and red bull and died of cardiac arrest.

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This Bruno Kammerl guy builds a huge home-made waterslide and must fly about 100 metres before ending up in a diddy paddling pool at the end. The people that placed that paddling pool must have a PHD in physics or something because the odds of getting that right are slim to none.

Once he climbs out, he seems to think this is all pretty normal and doesn’t realise he’s just come very, very close to breaking every bone in his body and being in an incomprehensible amount of pain.

I have no idea what possessed this lunatic to do it, but he’s definitely got balls of steel.

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