Rob Ford: A History Of Idiocy And Some Choice Quotations

Rob Ford, crack fueled Canadian mayor, has been hitting the news again. Here’s a run down of his past misdemeanors and some of his hilarious quotes. Total plum.

We don’t hear much about Canadian politicians on this side of the pond, we have enough plums of our own to rib. But when a behemoth of bonkers like Toronto’s Mayor, Rob Ford rears his magnificent head we get involved.

A politician that gets busy with weed, crack and oodles of booze is always going to hit the news, but Rob Ford is much, much more than that. His political career isn’t blemished by his misdemeanors; it is permanently stained by them.

He has the tact of a Prince Philip/ Boris Johnson love child and the stately presence of a less media savvy Barney from The Simpsons.

Rob Ford - Toronto Canada Mayor - fatty

In some cases Rob comes across like a well meaning light bringer amidst political darkness, but at other times he simply seems moronic, sexist and border-line racist. Just this week a video has surfaced of him slurring his words and trying out his Jamaican accent in a fast food eatery. 

Rob Ford - Toronto Canada Mayor - amish

I thought it would be a good idea at this stage to compile some of his more impressive bumbles. And there’s a lot to choose from as you’ll quickly learn…

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