Rihanna Had A NSFW Wardrobe Malfunction At The Ocean’s 8 Premiere


When it comes to sex appeal, Rihanna is operating on a whole different level to the rest of us. You can’t even really understand or explain it without having scientists study it some day. Remember those photos of her at that Carnival in Barbados? Or the time she went naked for Playboy? Stellar stuff indeed.

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Well this week she’s got a movie to promote and has inadvertently (wink, wink) flashed almost an entire boob while at the Ocean’s 8 premiere in London’s Leicester Square.


As we all know, the Ocean’s franchise has pulled a Ghostbusters and gone for an all-female cast this time. Unlike Ghostbusters however, this looks like it might actually be good:

For the time Rihanna absolutely body-bagged a Daily Mail reporter who dissed her in one of her articles, click HERE.


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