Reality TV Star Shares Gruesome Pictures To Warn Against The Dangers Of Surgery


Seriously NSFL.

Reality TV star Marnie Simpson (‘Geordie Shore’, ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ etc.) has built an entire empire for herself by simply getting pissed and getting naked for the eager eyes of the British nation.

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But now she is going topless for a completely different reason – to warn about the dangers of plastic surgery. For someone who looks like they’ve had more lip fillers than hot dinners, it’s a pretty surprising move. Here are the grim details of her botched boob job, as told by Marnie herself:


I had big wounds which were oozing. They were oozing green pus.

They were really deep gashes, it looked like I had been attacked by an animal.

I was really confident and liked myself more before ‘Geordie Shore’.

Being on TV put pressure on to look good… it made me feel so insecure.

It is such a shallow industry that you compare yourself to everybody else.

The criticism and the grief you get from people is so awful.

It was just every little thing that I wasn’t happy with.


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It’s actually pretty depressing when she puts it like that, especially when you consider that since being on the reality TV show, in addition to the dodgy boob job she’s also had a nose job, lip fillers and botox. And she’s only 24. Just shows what happens when you base your entire life around aesthetics, rather than spending time developing genuine talents or personality.

Hopefully her scars get better – and at least they don’t look anywhere near as bad as this poor woman who received what might just be the worst boob job of all time. Seriously NSFW.


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