Amanda Holden Dressed As Morticia Addams In Skintight PVC For Halloween


When you’re 48 years old and still manage to win the 2019 Rear of the Year award, it’s impossible not to get gassed on your own fumes and think you can pull off something as outrageous as a PVC Morticia Addams Halloween costume.

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Sure enough, Amanda Holden did just that this week (via The Mirror):

Here’s Amanda riding into work on a scooter – she has a broken leg apparently:

Naturally, her admirers came out in full force:

Billy Burton has a point to be fair, especially given the aforementioned ‘Rear of the Year’ award she won back in August. And how about Jesus popping up to give her a creepy compliment as well? Everything’s coming up Amanda Holden it seems.

For the time Amanda got her butt cheek out on Instagram to celebrate her 48th birthday (NSFW), click HERE. She knows what she’s doing.


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