Real Life Barbie Decides She Can Live Off Air And Light

We’ve featured Ms Lukyanova the living doll before. She just keeps getting more bonkers. Here’s a vid of her explaining how she’s going to stop eating food for good

This isn’t the first time Lukyanova has been on the weirder side of things. Previously she’s declared that she’s a spiritual teacher and can speak with aliens through light. OK? She also thinks that she was born on another planet. And to top it all off she’s convinced that she has the ability to time travel. So here’s some weird and wonderful word jazz from the nutter herself:

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What? Well, I suppose it’s not exactly a shocker that a woman who does all she can to resemble a doll is a little bit on the cuckoo side. It would actually be pretty surprising if she was down to earth and well measured, that really would be a jaw dropper.

Valeriya Lukyanova - Barbie - Breatharianism

I’ll end this with a word from the wise – Dr. Ronald Hoffman, medical director of the Hoffman Center – he told the Guardian that it’s “delusional to think that you can escape the laws of biology”.

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