Real Life Anime Girl Unmasked

real life anime girl

Remember the anime girl we ran an article on yesterday? How could you forget? We managed to dig up a picture of her without her anime makeup on and she’s kinda hot.

So yesterday Beard stuck up a pretty popular post about the real life anime girl from the Ukraine who was best friends with the real life Barbie girl. You can read all about them by clicking on the hyperlink but basically they’re a couple of girls who both really love anime and Barbie respectively and by really love I mean REALLY LOVE. So much so that they have done everything in their power to make themselves look as much like Barbie and an anime girl as possible. You can probably see that in the picture above though.

Anyway, after we ran the story yesterday some girl called Lisa Maguire sent us in a message telling us that she had dug up a picture of the anime girl Anastasiya Shpagina without anime makeup. I know we posted a video yesterday of her applying some of her makeup in the style of a flower fairy – whatever that is – but you never actually see her full face in it as she’s already done half of her face anyway when it begins, and in any case the half of her face that hasn’t been done still doesn’t look normal because she’s been applying anime makeup  to it for half an hour every day ever since she decided to start looking like this. So this was a pretty big deal so we decided to run the picture as a story. Here she is it’s Anastasiya Shpagina – the real life anime girl without the anime:


I mean she’s pretty cute (aside maybe from those eyebrows but I know some people dig them) – is there really any need for her to hide that face with that stupid anime makeup? I guess without it her videos wouldn’t have one million views and she wouldn’t be famous and have millions of loser anime nerds jacking off over her and bending over backwards to try and meet her and go on a date with her. And I guess she wouldn’t be expressing her love of anime to the fullest. People, huh?

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