The Real Life Barbie In Family Photo Shoot



Barbie Doll Family Photoshoot

There were a few posts that went up recently on Sick Chirpse, a couple about a real life anime girl and a couple about a real life Barbie girl. They were weird and well worth reading, especially the one where the real life Barbie met the real life Ken and they didn’t get on at all.

There’s a lot of strange people on this green earth and we like to feature many of them on these hallowed pages. Spending butt loads of time and money making yourself look like a doll is pretty strange, but for me the question that’s most intriguing is, what brought them to this point? What happened? Where did it go wrong? Or, where did it go right, if you’re that way inclined. And I guess she’s probably making more money than me from photo shoots and shizzle so I can’t be judging.

There must be people out there with doll fetishes, so it’s not that strange. I once knew a guy who regularly locked himself in a dark room full of armadillos and covered his wing wang in ants. Now, that’s not true at all, but I bet you weren’t surprised, so the doll thing is the thin end of the wedge.

Anyway. I came across some pictures of our Barbie girl, Valeria Lukyanova, with her family. And as suspected, they look pretty weird too. If you saw one of them on their own you might think they looked relatively normal, but when they’re photographed in herds they look pretty darned airbrushed. See what you think:

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Here she is with Pops. Botox at all?

Valeria Lukyanova - With Father

Here she is with Gran and a friend, who I think looks even stranger than her.

Valeria Lukyanova - With Gran And Friend

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The Grandparents.

Valeria Lukyanova - With Grandparents

Valeria Lukyanova - Family - Grandparents

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This is her mother and another friend.

Valeria Lukyanova - Family - Mother And Friend

This is her mother again, who’s nose looks lie it’s made out of UPVC.

Valeria Lukyanova - Family - Mother 2

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Valeria Lukyanova - Family - Mother

Valeria Lukyanova - Family - Sister

Weird huh? Her sister, above, seems pretty normal, but there’s something just a little bit strange about all of rest of them. Even Gramps looks a little shifty and over polished if you ask me. Oh well, it takes all sorts and it’s entertained me for a few minutes.



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