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Razor Scooter

Remember those crappy scooters that people used to think were cool about 13 years ago? Well it turns out that people are still rocking around on them and some people are completely ripping around on them.

Razor Scooter

Do you remember those crappy scooters that were all the rage a few years ago? Well apparently they were called Razor Scooters (I didn’t know that) and all I remember from them was that they were really whack but everyone still wanted one because we were all 13 years old and hadn’t found out about skateboarding yet. They were whack and I didn’t know anyone who could actually do anything on one apart from a rubbish 5 inch bunny hop. I still see people rocking around on them every now and then and I have to think fair play, these guys seriously do not give a f’ about what people think about them. They just roll around on their Razor Scooter like it’s the year 2000 and these things are actually recognised as a form of transport. Well my view of these whack scooters on two crappy wheels has now completely changed after watching this video. People doing backflips on scooters? Nah. No way. That’s not possible. People jumping down 20 sets of stairs on these things? You’re kidding me. But seriously, these guys absolutely tear the place apart on their Razor Scooters, it’s totally sick. Check it:

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