Watch This Comedian Somehow Cruise Through His Stand Up Set Whilst Tripping Balls

Comedian On Mushrooms

How to handle a trip.

If you’ve ever been lucky enough to do magic mushrooms, then you’ll know that it’s pretty hard to have a coherent conversation with someone whilst you’re in the midst of tripping and that’s exactly why the video below is so impressive.

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The video comes from a Seattle comedy set called ‘The Gateway Show’. The idea is that comedians do two stand up comedy sets: one completely sober, and one after they’ve smoked a load of weed. Sounds like a novel idea that would lead to a bunch of laughs right? You would be correct.

Anyway, the guy in this video decided to take things to the next level. Describing himself as a functional stoner, Mike Masilotti figured it would take him an inordinate amount of weed to get so baked that he wouldn’t be able to perform. As such he decided to eat a bunch of shrooms instead and go for it, and his performance really is an ode to the art of storytelling:

Wow, his mind is really rolling at 300 mph there and he’s still managing to pull off a hell of a lot of laughs isn’t he? It’s impressive stuff, he must be a hell of a funny guy in real life. My favourite part is definitely where he’s talking about what he’s doing tomorrow or tonight as he just knows he’s going to be tripping for a long time afterwards. Live by the sword, die by the sword.

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