Journalist Sends Feminist Into Absolute Meltdown With One Simple Statement (VIDEO)

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Beyond offensive.

Feminism is an important issue and one that clearly needs to be addressed, particularly as we’re about to enter the Donald Trump era.

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Unfortunately, the word ‘feminism’ has so many negative connotations associated with it and ignorant people around the world seem to associate it with meaning a woman who is angry and bitter. Now I’m not condoning the guy in the video below (journalist and author Peter Lloyd) or what he says – clearly he doesn’t know what feminism is or means. However, there’s no denying that the way he delivers the absolute clanger at the end of the news report is fucking funny:

Amazing. The feminist spokeswoman doesn’t do herself any favours though and just makes herself look like a right tit. If I were her I would’ve gone for the middle finger (mature) or just straight up laughed in his face.

Or she could’ve gone down the same route as these gals and thrown a bottle of piss in his face. That would’ve shut him up.


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