Prostitute Faces Jail After Scrubbing Man’s Face With Toilet Brush And Forcing Him To Dance In Women’s Underwear

This might be the weirdest hostage/robbery story of 2014.

OK, this story’s a bit weird so bear with me…

A dominatrix and two of her male friends held one of her clients hostage, scrubbed his face with a toilet brush and forced him to put on women’s underwear and dance for them.

The High Wycombe man said they held a knife to his throat and robbed him, and that he complied because he was worried they’d cut off his dick if he didn’t.

The man had paid prostitute/dominatrix Sinead Nijjer £50 for oral sex and pretended to be a semi-professional footballer with a mortgage. He told the court “I wanted to impress her, I thought if I told her my real job she might think I was a loser.”

Erm, that’s kind of the whole point of getting a prostitute dude — you don’t have to impress her.

He then tried to escape the room by pretending he was experiencing breathing problems, at which point one of the crew took pity on him and called 999. One of the men told him: “I’m a Muslim too, after all this is finished we are going to go to the mosque together and forget all this happened. Just don’t die on me.

The group, all in their early 20s, claim they neither harmed the victim or held him hostage. The trial wraps up next week.

You have to wonder whether his bullshitting about being a semi-pro footballer with a mortgage was what led to him being held hostage and jacked in the first place. But what’s with scrubbing his face with a toilet brush and making him wear women’s underwear? That is some freaky dominatrix shit this girl’s into. Not only holding the guy hostage and kidnapping him but completely emasculating and dominating him in the process.

But what I don’t get is this guy starts faking some breathing problems and they call the police on themselves? What the hell? What kind of robbery is this? I get they’re not trying to have the guy die on them but come on. Was there even an end game/exit strategy here? Or did they just think they’d hold him hostage, do a bunch of weird shit to him and then just play it by ear? So confusing.

Part of me thinks this guy might’ve paid for the whole fucked up experience and maybe it just went a bit too far or something. The whole story just doesn’t make sense. Don’t know about you guys but I want the truth on this case. Hopefully we’ll get it next week when the court comes to a decision.


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