Posh Lad’s Warning To Experimental Wreckheads

One guy found out the hard way what happens when you dance with the devil before you’ve learned the steps.

You may have heard of Hawaiian Baby Woodrose seeds, or Morning Glory. It’s a perennial climbing vine with trumpet-like flowers, native to Hawaii. It’s closely related to the Devil’s Weed, Jimson, better known as Datura. If you’re familiar with Don Juan from Carlos Castaneda’s books you’ll remember that the Devil’s Weed isn’t to be messed with. Fortunately it isn’t available here, but it grows wild in America, and many accounts of dark and hostile trips from ingesting Datura seeds have made it onto the net. Most of them are pretty scary. It stands to reason that Hawaiian Baby Woodrose packs a similar psychoactive punch to that of its counterpart, but this isn’t the case.

Hawaiian Baby Woodrose is legal, and the seeds can be bought in packs of around 7 – 10 for as little as £4.99 from head shops across the UK. The psychoactive chemical in the seeds is LSA. The seeds are roughly the size of small peas, and they are covered in a furry outer layer of shell.

Any headshop worth their salt should be telling anyone who purchases these seeds one very vital piece of information – that all of the outer shell must be removed before ingesting the seeds. Some packets do say this, but some don’t. Here’s Posh Lad – he’s a symbol of why research shouldn‘t be overlooked. Give him a chance, he gets to the point eventually.

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Thank you, Posh Lad.

I’ve chewed Hawaiian Baby Woodrose a few times over the years. From the first to the last packet of seeds I purchased, I was advised before leaving the shop to scrape off all the shell. Scraping fourteen seeds properly takes me about two hours. Underneath the furry shell the seeds are brown and shiny like conkers, and are then ready to be chewed or crushed.

As with anything you haven’t tried before, always do your research! Posh Lad didn’t, and look what happened. I did, and not once, on any occasion that I’ve taken Hawaiian Baby Woodrose have I been sick. Touch wood (rose).  I’ve always had an awesome time, hence why I did it again.

If you respect it, it’ll respect you. Just like anything in life.


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