VIDEO: Dude Rows Across The Atlantic, On His Own

Bhavik Ghandhi rows across the Atlantic ocean, on his own, without a motor.

Bhavik Ghandhi is fvcking awesome. According to Bhavik’s Wikipedia page he’s an adventure, a sailor and an entrepreneur – pretty cool job titles if you ask me. In 2007 Bhavik became the first Asian person to row solo across the Atlantic, you know, that massive ocean that you need to cross to get to America, the one that takes long enough in a plane let along a boat, on your own, without any engines. During Bhavik’s rowing adventure he hit storms, got his boat capsized, had to fix a hole that was letting in water to his boat, and had to go the last week without food or water because he lost it all, extreme. Luckily for us Bhavik made a video diary of his cross-Atlandtic solo rowing venture, check it out, it’s pretty inspiring:

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