People Are Selling £5 Notes For £300k On eBay Because They’re ‘Linked To The Devil’


Blood money.

When the new plastic £5 notes came out, I don’t think anyone was prepared for the hype that was in store for what is essentially just a laminated piece of paper. First you had hoax bidders on eBay pretending to pay £80,000 for one with ‘AK47’ in the serial number, then you had someone selling their ‘upside down’ fiver for similarly ridiculous amounts of money (also a hoax if you hadn’t already figured that one out).

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Obviously everyone’s keen to make a quick bit of cash out of the new notes, which is why a new trend has seen fivers with Satanic details being auctioned of on eBay. One seller has put up their first edition fiver, which is followed by ‘666’ on the bidding site for £300,000. Jesus, that’s a lot of fivers for a fiver.


The digits are AA01 666247, which the seller cleverly pointed out is:

666 the Devil’s number.

24 hours a day.

7 days a week.


Good point, but I still can’t imagine anyone’s going to pay that much for a note, no matter what the serial number’s message portrays. And this isn’t the only Satanic fiver up for grabs. Another seller put up one with the serial number ‘AL53 666282’ at the starting price of £50,000. Are they having a laugh? That isn’t even close to a first edition – surely no mug’s going to swallow that.


But the weakest of all has to be a guy who is selling a note which boasts several series of numbers which all add up to 666. He’s put it up for £5,000. You might as well sell a bag of bullshit for the same price because no one’s gonna fall for that.

Although this devil thing has sparked a trend, perhaps because we’ve just passed Halloween, if you have a look at all of the 666 notes for sale on eBay, there aren’t any actual bidders. Nice try everyone but the best you’re going to get is a couple of hundred quid for a first edition if you’re lucky.

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