The Dude Who Tried To Sell His Plastic Fiver Got Totally Scammed


What was he expecting?

So the other day we reported on the eBay seller who put up an ad for his new £5 note with ‘AK47’ in the serial number, which fetched bids of up to £80,000.

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Predictably, the bids turned out to be fake. Despite this being obvious from the beginning, seller Gareth Wright is said to be deeply disappointed by the ruse as he genuinely thought he was quids in. What a mug.

After posting the ad earlier this week, it went viral on Facebook and suddenly started attracting massive bids. Gareth eventually decided to sell the note at £80,100 – more than 16,000 times its original value.


However, poor old Gareth had a bit of trouble getting the money as the ‘buyer’ got back to him and said he was unable to provide the payment straight away as he’s:

Waiting for a shipment of cocaine to come in.

What a joker. Gareth is quite obviously thwarted by the prank:

I’m finding it very childish, especially coming from a grown man.


Yeah you tell him Gareth – bet that guy feels like a right plonker now. Anyway, all of Gareth’s big hopes and dreams have just been crushed at the click of a button. Before closing the deal, he said:

I do think most of these bids are fake but you never know! I can only hope for the best and that someone does want to buy it.

If I do get the money I will probably look into buying my mother’s house for her and then travel to South America.

Ah man. I did find this story pretty amusing but after reading that, it’s actually pretty heart-wrenching. Poor Gareth – I bet he was so excited at the thought of being able to make his mum smile. Maybe we should start a GoFundMe for Gareth’s mum’s house? He’d definitely deserve it more than this woman does.


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