Here’s The Moment Paul McCartney Got Denied Entry To Tyga’s Grammy After-Party

Paul McCartney should have Tyga murdered for this.

Of all the people who should never get turned away from any party ever, Paul McCartney is right up there. I mean how is it even possible to deny this man entry anywhere? He’s literally one of the most famous people in the universe. He’s sold a billion albums. He’s the only Beatle left that people give a shit about. Maybe Ringo I can see getting turned away from a club but Paul? No way. Never would expect that in a million years.

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And yet, his fame stood for nothing when he tried getting into Tyga’s (yeah, that Tyga) afterparty at the Grammys. Here’s what happened:

Unbelievable. Although I guess Tyga is still hitting on girls who should be studying for their GCSEs, so maybe he doesn’t know who Paul McCartney is?

Naturally, he’s pleading ignorance:

P.S. Maybe if he’d played the bouncer his collaboration with Kanye West things could have been different. After all that’s what made him famous according to these Kanye West fans.


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