Panama’s Very Own Mr T Peels Coconuts With His Teeth

Andres Gardin - Panama - Mr T - Coconut Shuck

Mr T is/was awesome, but I reckon this guy might be even cooler…..

I probably speak for many people of a certain age when I say there was a time in my life when Mr T could do no wrong, and I very much wanted to be him. I think I also speak for those same people when I say that we grew out of that phase when we realised that he was actually mental. 64 year old Andres Gardin of Panama, however, never out grew this phase and is still very much in it.

Andres Gardin - Panama - Mr T - Lounge

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Andres Gardin - Panama - Mr T - Pulling Car

He has clearly nailed the look as the pictures deftly show. But he has an extra string to his bow, he’s not just a regular look-alike: He is readying himself to peel (shuck) the most coconuts in 6 hours, ever. He wants that coveted Guinness World Record, and by the looks of his grimace, he just might make it. He estimates that he’s shucked (is that the right word?) 100,000 coconuts in the last half century. Just to be clear, he does this task with nothing but his hands, feet and teeth. I certainly wouldn’t mess with him.

Andres Gardin - Panama - Mr T - The Coconut Puller

Andres says this: “‘To peel coconuts, you’ve got to have jaw power. You’ve got to have teeth power. And you’ve got to have God’s power on your side.” I hope you will all join me in wishing him every success in this proud mission.

Andres Gardin - Panama - Mr T - With Coconuts

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