Awesome Photos From Russia With Love #1



Hilarious Russian Photos - Russian Cat Mask

I had the luck to accidentally run into an almost bottomless pit of hilarious Russian photos. I wouldn’t be true to myself if I didn’t share at least some of this joy with you goons out there. There’s no order to this mayhem, they’re all well and truly picked from the nut-job tree. However, some factors do seem to crop up a lot in them. One of these factors is a heavy vibe of the Russians being able to make use of whatever’s around. I like Russians. I’ve never met one, but I reckon I would like them. If these pictures are anything to go by the Russians are resourceful smash heads with a penchant for getting the job done.


Hilarious Russian Photos - Economical Plumbing

See what I mean? Resourceful. They’ve saved on both the cost of the pipe and the space needed. Another excellent thing about the Ruskis is that a lot of them look super fly tbh:

Hilarious Russian Photos - Dood

See. He is rockin’ that look so hard right now. The guy below however is failing pretty hard with that hair cut, but at the same time he’s punching high and hard above his weight in the lady department. The guy on telly behind him can’t believe his eyes.

Hilarious Russian Photos - Punching Above His Weight

Whilst Mr Comb-Forward above is doing relatively well in regards to the quality of his friend, this girl below is having the opposite effect and attracting boys that look like elderly men.

Hilarious Russian Photos - Party Time

Again, time after time, we see the Russian resourcefulness shining through, warming your drink and hands with an iron is the stuff of genius:

Hilarious Russian Photos - Warm Drinks

Most people in other countries would be too scared to use an iron for warming up drinks. Russians are a rock hardy bunch. Judging by the photos below, if you have friends like these chaps you will have to be pretty hardy just to survive an evening soiree with your nearest and dearest.

Hilarious Russian Photos - Imminent Hammer

Hilarious Russian Photos - Imminent Ball

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I can’t work out whether these two below are in love, or arguing. You can kind of convince yourself of either way round can’t you? Is the bloke on the left about to go in close for a passionate embrace or will it be a Glaswegian kiss? We’ll never know.

Hilarious Russian Photos - Love


Hilarious Russian Photos - Make Do Win 3


Hilarious Russian Photos - Make Do Win

See what I’m saying? Viva la Russians, they’ve cheered me up a treat. If you want more of this type of action you are in luck, here’s parts 2 and 3:

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