Nunzio Paci’s Anatomical Art Makes Decomposition Look Beautiful

What one thing do we all have in common?: Decomposition.

Nunzio Paci manages to combine three of my favourite things: slightly morbid vibes, anatomical drawings and birds. That’s a pretty weird mix of things to be into perhaps but Paci’s art shows that I’m not alone.

Paci lives and works in Italy and, although his work could be looked on as depressing, it isn’t really. It’s more about the circle of life – that’s what I’m guessing any way; you know I don’t know frig all about art.

There’s something about the end of life that makes you feel pleased to be in the middle of life, you know what I mean? At the end of the day, when all’s said and done and the fat lady has sung her little song, everyone has something in common: decomposition. We all join together and become part of the circle of life. I quite like that thought. Even if you have been the most idiotic and annoying person on the planet, when you die and rot you finally do something useful. It’s quite a nice thought isn’t it?

OK, OK I’ll shut up now. Take a look at these works of wonder over the following slides:

Nunzio Paci - Anatomy And Birds 1

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