To celebrate Neymar scoring 100 goals, here’s a video somebody made of his best goals.

Anytime anyone ever talks about South American football and what’s going on over there they immediately mention Neymar and how sick he is and how he will probably sign for Real Madrid in the near future or lead Brazil to World Cup glory. But I doubt many people have actually seen Neymar play (and anyway, Ganso is way better) but have just heard about him because of all the hype from Four Four Two or whatever football blogs they might read on the internet or because they saw that goal that Neymar scored that won the best goal of the year competition. I mean who actually watches South American football?  How do you even do that? Are there sites where you can stream it from? Or some kind of weird South American football package you can get? No, I don’t think so. It’s all hype, probably mainly facilitated from reading Tim Vickery’s BBC column about South American football.

But this video shows that the hype is probably justified.  Neymar scored his 100th career goal at the weekend. This is pretty amazing considering he’s still only about 19. Anyway, this video popped up pretty quickly after the event showing a bunch of his best goals. It’s also playing an Abba track in the background. Not too sure what that’s about but there are some crackers in here, inclduing one he scored with his arm and one he scored off his chest. The ones he scored with his feet were the best though. Incidentally, the 100th goal Neymar scored was with his head. Check out the video below. There’s also some cool footage of Neymar’s best celebrations.

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