There’s A New Burger Inspired By 50 Shades Of Grey That Has 15 Different Types Of Bacon On It

15 Shades Of Bacon

Do you love bacon enough to try one of these?

To celebrate (commiserate?) the fact that 50 Shades Of Grey is opening next month on Valentine’s Day, The Custom House Pub in Barnstaple, North Devon has introduced a 50 Shades Of Grey themed burger to their menu.

For some reason, this means the burger has 15 different rashers of bacon on it. It’s even called the 15 Shades Of Bacon Burger so its relevance to 50 Shades Of Grey is actually minimal. Still, it looks pretty good I’m sure you’ll agree.

Here are the different types of bacon that are featured in it: unsmoked back bacon, unsmoked streaky bacon, smoked back and smoked streaky bacon, turkey bacon, prosciutto, mortadella, pancetta, a bacon burger, a sausage patty, chicken fried bacon, AND to top it all off there’s bacon crisps, baconnaise and bacon dusted chips. Mmmm. It also looks like it comes with a Corona too to wash it all down. Perfection.

15 Shades Of Bacon Burger

Pub owner Matt Spencer explained why he had designed it:

 I am a bacon fiend, I made roses out of bacon for Valentine’s Day last year and handed them to customers. They went down really well.

Right. He sounds healthy. £5 of every £15 burger (get it?) will also be donated to the North Devon Hospice, so it’s all for a good cause too. Mega. As mega as the double donut 2000 calorie burger though?


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