Incredible Photos From National Geographic’s 2013 Photo Contest




“A brown bear shaking off its wet fur in Kamchatka, Russia.”


“Snow-capped peaks of the Continental Divide stretch across the landscape west of Denver, Colorado, seen from a high-altitude balloon. From 86,000 feet the Moon shines bright against the inky black of the stratosphere while in the foreground Interstate-70 carves its way up the valley toward high alpine passes and the famous ski resorts of Colorado.”


“I was driving along the beach highway when I noticed the bulls sunbathing on the empty beach. I initially thought i was seeing things,but no it really was sunbathing cows! I had to park my car a fair distance away and that meant a long walk along the beach in 35 degree heat. When I got closer to them I was careful not to spook them, so I crawled on my stomach on the hot sand to get a good picture. Mission Accomplished!”


“A jewel in the crown. A stunning amber eye glowing in contrast to a dark face. Capturing the beauty of endangered wildlife helps remind us and display the precious creatures we may lose. Silverback Gorilla, London Zoo.”


“I was fortunate to come across this moose having his evening meal in the Snake River, in Wyoming. He had chosen an excellent backdrop for his dining and the least I could do was get a snapshot of it.”


“On diving trip to Darwin Island in the Galapagos, our boat was visited by a large group of Red Footed Boobies. One of my friends named this curious little fellow Oscar. He was very curious and seemed to like to pose for the camera.”


“The image was taken this late autumn in the Highlands of Scotland.”


“Our two-year-old son playing in the dirt with our dog Raine in Bryson City, North Carolina.”

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