Incredible Photos From National Geographic’s 2013 Photo Contest

There’s still time to enter National Geographic’s 2013 photo contest – in the meantime, check these out.


“When you study the flower of life, you will begin to see that all life is built in spirals.”


“After looking for a green sea turtle nest for a long time, I found one. I was staying in the water close to the beach, and many turtles came in the sea, trying to go the ocean. One of them came straight toward me and I put my camera lens just below the surface.”


“During a regular trip through the forest, of which my actual intent was landscapes, I encountered this stunning little Red Fox. The moment came as the light broke through the clouds and trees, he turned with a glance of curiosity and gave me the unusual composition I was after. A scene I’ll never be lucky enough to see again in my life, so was over the moon I’d managed to capture the moment.”


“Nyanga, an orphaned baby chimp from the bushmeat trade, is rehabilitated at the Sanaga-Yong Chimpanzee Rescue Center, Cameroon.”


“Photograph Taken in Carhuacocha Camp, Cordiliera Hyauhuash, Peru. The long exposure (30 min approx.) time drew this abstract light show (alpinists wearing lamps and walking around the tents).”


“This was taken early morning while at Richmond Park, London, in Late October.”

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