Incredible Photos From National Geographic’s 2013 Photo Contest

There’s still time to enter National Geographic’s 2013 photo contest – in the meantime, check these out.


“A beautiful red fox is photographed with the Aurora Borealis outside of Bethel, Alaska. This shot was taken during a spectacular display of the northern lights.”


“We saw this impressive male lion on our way from Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park to Mabuasehube Game Reserve. He was lying right next to the sandy tracks and I don’t know who got more scared when we almost hit him. But as quickly as he jumped up to eye our car suspiciously he laid down again and we got the opportunity to watch him for half an hour and to take some nice pictures of this majestic animal.”


“A yellowbanded pipefish, off Tikehau Island, Tuamotu Archipelago, French Polynesia.”


“Shot from the small town of Khangsar, Nepal. We arrived after a full day of hiking. We stayed in a teahouse with a view because I wanted to be ready to take pictures of the mountains as the sun set behind us. This rainbow formed and I took many photos of this beautiful moment.”


“I captured some wonderful and unusual behaviour of a Rosy Pelican, which amazed me. I started photographing the pelican, with something in its pouch, which I first thought to be a big fish — but I discovered it was instead a common pochard duck, which was trying its best to escape!”


“I had been in Teton National Park for 5 days and hadn’t yet seen the tops of the Teton Range due to non stop storm systems moving through. October can be like that in this majestic part of America. Large herds of bison roam free in this park as well as in Yellowstone, just to the north. It is an awe inspiring sight indeed. After taking pictures of this herd, I felt that I had been “shut out” as the mountain peaks had still not been revealed to me. It wasn’t until I looked at the pictures on my computer that I realized that in a few frames, the peaks had been revealed. What a great surprise.”

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