Incredible Photos From National Geographic’s 2013 Photo Contest

There’s still time to enter National Geographic’s 2013 photo contest – in the meantime, check these out.

The deadline for National Geographic’s 2013 photo contest is on November 30th, so if you can take pictures of the kind of quality you’ll find through this article then you should get involved. Until then, enjoy this selection of 30 of the best entries so far, along with commentary below from the people who took each photo.


“Praying mantises in Kahramanmaras, Turkey.”


“While studying in Florence, Italy, I went on a trip throughout Europe. The first stop was in Berlin, Germany, where we rented bikes and rode throughout the city. While visiting the Jewish Museum I stood under a group of trees and noticed the great interaction of hand-like branches with the light coming through the canopy of leaves.”


“We just wanted to search for a Leopard that morning, but we found a group of giraffes moving toward a small lake and start drinking. It was a nice moment when the Giraffe finished and left a letter “S” shape in the air.”


“An Alfredi manta ray came close to me with her mouth open on a cleaning station area off Tikehau island, Tuamotu Archipelago, French Polynesia.”

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