Michal Lisowski’s Artwork Is Just Downright Awesome

Michal Lisowski is one of the most varied digital artists on the planet. Put these in your eyes immediately.

I stumbled across Michal Lisowski’s work the other day and I was blown away. He’s got so many different vibes going on it’s hard to imagine they all came from the same brain. He’s got cool animation, cartoon book stuff alongside more detailed computer game scenery work and a whole host of other styles mixed in to boot.

Michal Lisowski is a Polish artist, he lives and works in Warsaw and has been involved in a wealth of advertising, film and computer game projects. He’s certainly not a one trick pony as you’ll see from the selection of images below. The boy has got some skills. His projects include a series of animations for Halo 4, trailers for Dead Island 2, Crackdown for XBOX One and Dying Light, numerous illustrations for Ubisoft, Disney, Discovery Channel, HBO and conceptual work and moodboards for MTV and Warner Bros. In other words, he’s been busy.

Check out some of his best stuff across the following slides:

Michal Lisowski - Biked Girl

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