15 Maps That Will Get Your Brain Fizzing

Here are a bunch of maps that will make you go “ooooh… never thought of it like that”.

This is the age of infographics and diagrams, there is so much complex information at everyone’s fingertips that we need to condense it into manageable slices so that our brains have any chance of digesting it. The uberlord of the infographic is the mighty map.

Maps share an intimate history with modern humans, once we had worked out where places were and what they looked like, we could conquer them and prove that we owned them. Yay imperialism!

Below are a collection of maps that show different aspects of the weird world we live in. All of which can make your brain do a loop-the-loop given half the chance.

1) Solar Eclipse 2001-2005

Total Solar Eclipse Paths

So it doesn’t look like we’re going to get much eclipse action on our rainy little isle for quite some time.

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