You know when you listen to hardcore and can’t understand the words? This video reveals what hardcore bands are really singing about.

So I used to kind of be into hardcore a little bit. Like, I mean stuff like Comeback Kid and anything involving Dan Yemin or Jason Shevchuk is great but all that other crap like Terror or Trappen Under Ice or Backtrack is just kinda crap. I mean, I’m not 16 anymore or pissed off at my parents (so much), it’s like guys get over it. Or at least do something credible like start a nu-metal band.

So it was LOL central a couple of weeks ago when i stumbled across this ‘lyrical interpretation’ video for the old Boy Sets Fire ‘classic’ After The Eulogy. I never really got into Boy Sets Fire but I think I saw them play a couple of times and  I know I heard this song a bunch of times at dumb hardcore clubs like Obsessions and Rock City Basement when I was at University in Nottingham because hardcore was hip back then because dubstep hadn’t been invented.

I never bothered to buy or steal the CD or even download it though because it was kinda crappy, but boy every time it came on in those clubs I was moshing away and grunting the words. That’s what was cool about hardcore: you didn’t need to know the words to sing along all you needed to do was grunt because nobody could ever understand the words.

And that’s exactly the premise of this video. Basically put loads of dumb pictures and lyrics to what you think you hear them saying. So it’s full of lyircs like ‘I’m good at Tetris,’ You wanna dance with a sloth?’ and ‘A MAYONNAISE!’ It’s funny, trust me – unless it turns out you’re a really big fan of straight edge hardcore or something that is, in which case you might find it hugely insulting because you’re probably an asshole. If you fall into that category, maybe get a little bit baked before you watch it. Enjoy!

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