Mental Dude Downs Jar Of Water Filled With Live Fish, Frogs And Tadpoles (NSFL)

The most controversial video on the internet this week.

Last time we checked in with our China, young girls were following yet another disturbing social media ‘beauty challenge’ and grown men were shagging inflatable My Little Pony dolls.

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This week? Just some guy casually downing a jar full of living frogs, tadpoles and fish. Standard.

Watch below:

So, why the fuck would he do that? Did he lose a bet? Did someone triple-doggie-dare him? Nope, just something he does every day for breakfast. Wake up, have a shower, take a shit, down a jar full of fish and frogs and let them swim around in his belly until they die. Super normal behaviour.

With any luck, he’ll end up like the guy who needed to have a live fish pulled out of his throat (NSFL).


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