This Guy Getting A Live Fish Pulled Out Of His Throat Is Completely Rank

Fish Removed Throat

Absolutely grim.

I’m a big fan of fish, but I like to make sure they’re dead before I put one in my mouth and eat it.

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Unfortunately for the guy in this video, that isn’t how it went down, although I’m not sure if he was actually trying to eat the fish or it just ended up stuck in his mouth. Not much is known about the incident, aside from the fact that it apparently went down somewhere in Malaysia. After watching it though I’m fairly certain that it’s going to be an experience you won’t ever want to repeat yourself.

It involves the guy struggling to breathe as the fish is lodged in his throat and the doctors are struggling to pull it out via a pair of forceps. It’s definitely going to make you gag and be glad you haven’t ever had a fish like that up in your grill, especially after it’s placed on the table and you see all the prickly barbs on its back. No way.

Yeah, to reiterate, absolutely no way. If you’re wondering what kind of fish could cause such carnage apparently it’s a regular Perch. Watch out next time you go fishing.

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