Girls In China Are Following Yet Another Disturbing Social Media ‘Beauty Challenge’

First the ‘A4 waist’ craze, now this…

Women in China are using iPhone 6s to demonstrate how skinny their legs are – sharing photos online of the devices over their knees.

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This is the second disturbing social media ‘beauty’ challenge out of China this year — a few weeks ago someone sparked an ‘A4 waist’ craze where young women posted pictures of themselves with a sheet of paper covering their torsos. It’s left people longing for the days where Chinese teens would busy themselves taking cabbages for walks.





Lisa Moore, Research and Advocacy manager at the Women’s Foundation, says:

The pressure for women to conform to a thinness ideal pervades all parts of the developed world and China is no exception to the rule.

Media has played a significant role in transmitting thinness norms and values, which has shown links to increased body image dissatisfaction, eating disorders and lowered self-esteem among women.

We are concerned with the ways that unrealistic and unattainable beauty standards are directly affecting women and girl’s sense of self-worth.

Everyone knows that a lot of weird shit goes on over in Asia, but China’s been slacking recently in comparison to their neighbours. Could this be why they’ve invented this disturbing meme? Don’t think it’s quite enough to compete with South Korea’s permanent smiles or Japan’s penis worshipping festival if you ask me. Or Taiwan’s plastic bag fashion trend for that matter. Come on China, you can be weirder than this.


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