Men In Clown Masks Are Terrorising Children Outside Schools In Kent

Killer Clown

This is absolutely terrifying.

Although there hasn’t exactly been a shortage of weird people dressing up as clowns and creeping people out in the last few years – incidents in Northampton and New York spring to mind – but normally they’re just walking around freaking people out and aren’t actively trying to chase and kill them.

Unfortunately that isn’t the case down in Kent, where there have been a number of reports of men dressing up in clown masks and chasing children along the street outside of their schools. Basically there have been a number of reports of these clowns riding around in vans after children and the whole situation is freaking everyone in Tonbridge and Tunbridge Wells the hell out.

This has prompted police to tell kids to go home immediately after school and not loiter around on the streets. Head teacher Elaine Buchanan, from Hillview School For Girls – which is one of the main schools that police believe has been targeted – said the following in an email to all parents of students:

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Dear parents, It has been brought to our attention that some of our students have been approached in the vicinity on separate occasions (one outside Sainsbury’s and another outside Olive’s) by two people wearing black outfits with white clown masks.

We have reported this to the police with whom we are actively working.

Students are already communicating with each other on social media and you may already be aware. Should you have any concerns, please contact the police direct, not the school.

We are advising students to go straight home after school today and not to loiter about anywhere.

We have also said that they should let their parents know their whereabouts and that we have informed you of the situation.

Extra staffing will be outside of school when the students go home and we understand that the police will be active in the area.

Well, at least it sounds like they’re doing everything in their power to stop these clowns from abducting or killing these kids, but it still begs the question just who are these guys and what the hell are they doing running around dressed up as clowns and scaring people?! Really keen for this one to be figured out ASAP so let’s hope the cops can get to the bottom of it before it turns into a real life version of the killer clown prank.


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