McDonald’s Is Going To Start Serving A Camembert Burger

McCamembert Burger


In McDonald’s increasing desperation to provide high quality bordering on gourmet food items, they’ve now introduced a camembert burger onto their menu. Sadly it’s not called the McCamembert and even more sadly it’s not going to be available in the UK – only Japan, because apparently they’re massive cheese connoisseurs.

The Camembert Teritama Burger is a pork patty with teriyaki sauce, egg, lettuce, and a fairly chunky wedge of warm, gooey camembert smack bang in the middle of the lettuce. It’s all served up in a sesame seed bun of course.

It’ll cost around £2.50, and there’s also an option to have it with chicken instead of pork. Mmmmmmm.

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To be honest, as much as I like a good chunk of camembert, it sounds kind of weird to me pairing it with an egg. I mean do they even go together? I’m sure McDonald’s have some idea what they’re doing but it just doesn’t seem natural to me at all, and not like something I would want to eat either.

I suppose I’m not even going to get the opportunity though, as it’s not going to come to England ever, just like the 48 McNugget bucket meal.


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