Maths Problems From North Korean School Books Are Hilarious

Here’s some genuine and disturbing maths problems from a North Korean text book. I’ve also slipped in some jokes school propaganda posters for you too…

The caption to the poster below says “We thank our Father Kim Jong-il” and it’s implying that their lovely bread comes from the dear leader’s very own pantry.

North Korea Maths - Propaganda Posters We thank our Father Kim Jong-il

But it’s not all fun and hate, the NK massive have a struggle on their hands sometimes too:

Q3) In one South Korean village which is suffering under the heels of the American imperialist wolf-like bastards, a flood destroyed 78 houses. The number of houses damaged was 15 more than the number destroyed. How many houses were damaged or destroyed in this South Korean village all together?

I find maths pretty upsetting as it is, without all the death and destruction ladled on top.

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The caption in this next lovely pic says “Oh! Soft tofu (bean curd)”. It’s trying to make out like bean curd is awesome and that all the cool kids love eating it. The fact of the matter is that there’s regular food shortages and in those times it’s bean curd or nothing. More about that here: Cannibalism On The Rise #2 — North Korea

North Korea Maths - Propaganda Posters Oh! Soft tofu

It’s not all doom and gloom though, Yong-shik seems to live in a nice village…

Q4) In the village where Yong-shik lives, they are building many new houses. 120 of these houses have 2 floors. The number of houses with 3 floors is 60 more than the number of houses with two floors. How many houses have been built in Yong-shik’s village?

This last poster is celebrating the many successes of the Kwangmyŏngsŏng Satellite Program. Their space program is widely regarded in North Korea as cutting-edge, futuristic magic. Experts from the rest of the world doubt whether they’ve got anything up into space at all.

North Korea Maths - Propaganda Posters Kwangmyŏngsŏng Satellite Program

So there you are. It’s all pretty amusing… unless you happen to live there.

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