Manny Pacquiao Just Dropped The Music Video For His Entrance Music To The Mayweather Fight And It Is PURE FIRE

This has got to be wreaking havoc on Floyd Mayweather’s brain.

Back in February, Manny Pacquiao announced he was recording a special track called ‘Labalan ako para sa Filipino’ (‘I will fight for the Philippines’) to use as his entrance music when he fights Floyd Mayweather on May 2nd in Vegas.

Today he dropped the official music video, which is bound to be messing with Floyd Mayweather’s brain as he prepares for the fight next month:

Pure mind games. How the hell is a guy who’s fighting on behalf of his whole country supposed to lose? In the meantime, what’s Mayweather up to? Hanging out with Justin Bieber and 50 Cent? I thought Mayweather was 100% a lock to destroy Pacquiao when the fight was first announced, but this video changes everything. Labalan ako para sa Filipino indeed.

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Here’s Muhammad Ali’s prediction, in case you missed it.


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