50 Cent Is Betting $1.6 Million On The Floyd Mayweather Manny Pacquiao Fight

50 Cent Betting Floyd Manny Fight

But who’s he backing?

Yesterday 50 Cent appeared on the The Breakfast Club radio show over in America and was asked about the big fight between Manny and Mayweather coming up in Las Vegas this May.

Surprisingly – given 50’s very public attempts at character assassination of Floyd last year when he made fun of the fact that he couldn’t read – he revealed that he was backing Mayweather in the big fight. Fifty has even staked $1.6 million on Floyd, stating that there was no way that the champ was going to lose this fight.

He later went on to reveal that he had run into Floyd backstage recently at a Chris Brown concert (of course) and that he had seemed super focussed and pumped up about the fight, and that was why 50 thinks that there’s absolutely no chance in hell that he’s going to lose. Given his track record, we would be inclined to believe him but that probably isn’t going to stop us tuning in when it all goes down on May 2nd.

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