Manny Pacquiao Is Recording His Own Entrance Music For When He Fights Floyd Maymeather On May 2nd

Twice as pumped for this now.

The Mayweather/Pacquiao showdown on May 2nd in Las Vegas just got a whole extra layer of hype after reports that Manny Pacquiao is recording a track called ‘Lalaban ako para sa Pilipino’ (‘I will fight for the Philippines’), which he plans to use as his entrance music.

In case you didn’t know, Pacquiao is a beast on the mic. Check out what he does with this old classic:

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Don’t know about everyone else but I am way more pumped about this fight now than I was before. Pacquiao is still probably going to get demolished and it will be a hugely underwhelming fight we’ll all bitch about after but at least we’ll get to hear that beautiful voice again.

You know who wasn’t a great singer? Mike Tyson. Read about the time he found Brad Pitt in bed with his girlfriend HERE.


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