Here’s A Video Of A Man Squeezing A Spot For The First Time In 20 Years

Spot Popped After 20 Years

Warning: graphic content.

Well, this is gruesome. Unbelievably gruesome in fact.

A Canadian man who didn’t wish to be named and is going under the pseudonym Andy Peppers revealed that he decided to pop a spot that had been hanging around on his neck for 20 years after it finally started to give him some trouble whilst he was travelling around Laos in south east Asia.

Andy explains what happened next:

The lump started to grow and it got to the point that it hurt for me just to tilt my head back because of all the pressure.  But we were in Laos, so we were quite apprehensive about going to any medical clinic – especially since we likely wouldn’t be able to communicate with anyone.

Then the lump started to form white-heads. Many, many white-heads.  Our frantic online research had us more or less convinced that this was basically a gigantic zit. We realised we needed to get this thing to “release”.

We got some gauze and alcohol and band-aids – a random assortment of normal first-aid stuff. At first, my wife used a pin to start a hole. Initially just a narrow stream of “stuff” came out, but the lump didn’t really get any smaller. Then, some of the multiple white-heads started to release.

I definitely felt the pressure go way down, and it felt way better,’ he said. And it didn’t hurt while I was popping it – it just felt like pressure releasing. Once a significant amount of stuff had come out, it felt way better, and soon stopped hurting altogether.’

Andy continued with these spot popping sessions once a day for the next few days and each time it was as disgusting as you’ll see in the video below, although perhaps not as disgusting as this guy pulling the biggest bogey ever out of his nose. I’ll let you check both of those out yourself rather than describing them for you.

Apparently Andy feels a lot better now and the spot is barely a lump. Probably should have popped it sometime in the last 20 years pal.


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