Man Claims This Horrific Photo Shows What Really Comes Out Of A McFlurry Machine


100% grime.

Throughout my dalliances with McDonald’s and claiming that sometimes it’s completely gross and sometimes it’s the best food out there, I’ve always thought that the McFlurry could stand on its own two feet as a dish(?) as it is pretty much universally accepted as being OK to eat at any time period.

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Turns out I was completely wrong if this guy is telling the truth though. A former McDonald’s employee who is called Nick tweeted the following picture which he claims is from the inside of a McFlurry machine:

Oof, what the hell even is that? Love the way he couldn’t even bear touching it with his bare hands as well. Nick wasn’t finished there though, tweeting a few other pictures that he claims are from inside McDonald’s too:

Sounds like he’s got himself into one hell of a situation there. If you’re worried about him losing his job though, don’t be – apparently he planned all of this:

I got fired from McDonald’s. I strategically planned this because I start working at my new job Friday. I planned on losing my job.

Phew. Not sure if it was worth it and all the trouble he’s probably going to face now, but I suppose it is important to expose this McDonald’s if it looks like that.

Maccy D’s is a franchise restaurant though, so it’s unlikely that every single one would be in this condition. For what it’s worth, the one Nick is claiming these photos are from is somewhere in Louisiana, so maybe hold the McFlurry if you’re travelling there any time soon.

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