British Girls Doing The ‘Magaluf Walk Of Shame’ Are Being Filmed By Lads Abroad

Sweat and regret.

The walk of shame is a well known phenomenon whereby a person must walk home the morning after having sex whilst wearing the night before’s clothes, rendering them a walking advertisement for booze, casual sex and embarrassment.

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The humiliation of this act is (I could imagine) amplified on packet holidays like Magaluf where boozed up Brits are there for one thing only. And you can’t beat watching someone else’s embarrassment, right? Which is why a Facebook page called the ‘Maga Walk Of Shame’ is so popular, as it posts videos of half naked girls and boys making their way back to their accommodation in the morning after a night out. Here’s the best one (you can watch the rest on their Facebook page):

Oh the shame of it all. I’m so glad I never went on any of those dodgy lad/ladette holidays when I was younger. I just really didn’t fancy getting cirrhosis and chlamydia all in the same weekend.

To watch the worst walk of shame of all time, click HERE.


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