PHOTOS: Women Eating Food In The Bath

The thing about these photos are they’re actually oil paintings, and instead of being pervy they’re just strangely beautiful.

I’ve seen these images floating around tumblrs for years and always thought that they were just some hip/cool photographs that some dude from Brooklyn had took to try and be cool. In fact though, I was pretty amazed to discover that they’re not actually photographs but oil paintings by ‘American realist’ artist Lee Price. Pretty realistic there buddy.

I’m not sure what her obsession with drawing pictures of naked women in the bath eating food is, but he creates a haunting portrayal of stillness and solitude. The paintings could be interpreted as sad, but to me they just seem to be all kinds of brooding and private and almost like a window into the souls of the women she’s drawing, if they’re even real. Spoiler Alert – most of them are actually self portraits.

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Girls In Baths Eating Food 5

Girls In Baths Eating Food 4

Girls In Baths EAting Food 1

Girls In Bath Eating Food 2


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