Man Beheads Mother With Axe For Nagging Him

If your mum kept asking you to do something, would you A) do it or B) chop off her head with an axe?

That’s the perpetrator in the picture up top, his name is Christian Gomez and he lives in Florida. He does look a little deranged doesn’t he? But jeeeeeeeez, beheading your mother?

Murder is a gnarly subject of course, ending a human’s life is about as sinister as it comes. But there’s something even more sinister about attacking someone with an axe. A gun shot from twenty metres away is so much less personal than making physical contact with someone’s flesh. Imagine actually feeling the crack as the bone splits and pulling against the friction of hot muscle on cold blade as you draw the weapon out of their sinews to make another blow.

On top of that, decapitation seems much worse than just a standard killing. Even if the head is severed after death it shows an extra level of sick and twistedness.

According to interviews Gomez had got increasingly annoyed with his mother for constantly asking him to put some boxes up in the attic. Fair enough, we all get wound up when we’re asked to do the same thing over and over again.

Some of us might react to the nagging by simply completing the task in question to end the torment. Others still might argue back and then storm out of the house, slamming the door behind us in RADA-grade dramatic fashion. Neither of these two routes to settlement were chosen by Gomez though.

Beheaded Mother Axe Maria Suarez Cassagne

Christian Jose Gomez, 23, started making plans (that’s right this wasn’t even in the heat of the moment). He planned the attack for two days before savagely attacking his mother – Maria Suarez Cassagne (above) – with an axe, completely severing her head.

Christian’s poor brother found the head in a bin near the house and the rest of her body nearby. So despite having two days to plan the attack he obviously hadn’t got to the part where you come up with somewhere to hide the body. That’s actually a pretty important part of the plan if you want to get away with a murder.

Beheaded Mother Axe Family Home

Obviously Christian is in police custody awaiting a trial. He really should have put the boxes in the attic, it would have saved him a lot of grief.

I think there’s a new year’s message in here for all of us: if you’re going to kill someone with an axe make sure you have somewhere to hide the body and for the love of god don’t get caught on Google maps committing the crime either.


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